Hello my name is Alejandra Caudillo from Gridley. My current major is Social Work and I hope to pursue my dream of becoming a social worker. I love spending time with my family and listening to music. I love the fact that I am neighbors with my grandma because she makes delicious food.Throughout my high school years, my life consisted of playing sports such as volleyball,basketball, and soccer, therefore these past few months have felt way different not attending practices or games. Coming to college was a big change for me due to the fact that I now have to drive to school. As time goes by, I hope to adapt to this change and hopefully become more independent.
The topic that caught my attention is the topic of abortion and even adoption. I really don’t know what ways I want to go about with this topic, but it has always caught my attention and I’ve always wondered about it. Here are two articles I’ve found.


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  1. smurphy41
    Jan 28, 2015 @ 06:19:45

    Alejandra –
    Isn’t being neighbors with your grandma the best? I grew up with my grandma right across the street and it was always a sense of comfort. But beginning a new thing in life is always discomforting–much like your transition into college. Starting college, getting into new routines, leaving old parts of life behind, and figuring everything out is a difficulty every college student has to face. Know that you are not alone and that you will eventually get into the ebb and flow of “college life”.

    Because you feel such a gap in your life because you are no longer involved with competitive sports maybe this would be an area of exploration for your inquiry. Maybe connect it to another strong interest you have. And if you truly do have a strong desire to question and genuinely inquire about the topic of abortion or adoption maybe you can connect that with sports? Is there a connection between physical activity and level of abortions? Do adopted children view or approach sports differently?

    I think we could riff off of these topics to give you expanded ideas and intriguing questions. I think you are on a great start! Do not be afraid to explore beyond your comfort zone and to look into topics you never knew you were interested in. This is a unique class in which you can truly questions and explore and discover your interests and the world around you.



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