Is technology taking over?


In the past year or so, I came across a video that my cousin posted on Facebook that really opened my eyes and made me realize how much people use technology. This video is eye opening because not many people realize that many electronic devices or social media sites can be an addiction of theirs. Answer this, how long are you able to be without your cell phone or laptop? How long can you go without using Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, or any other website? As stated in the video, nowadays people rather Skype over an electronic than meet up in person. Why does it seem like our society is controlled with technology and we as humans not realize their should be a limit to how we them and for how long? Life now is way different than it was years back. What if our generation didn’t grow up with so much technology? Would your life be filled with more happiness, rather than going on the internet and finding out what someone else is doing or eating? Is it a necessity or obligation to let everyone know what our next move in life will be? Overall, this video is an eye opener as stated in the beginning and should be watched by many.



Hello my name is Alejandra Caudillo from Gridley. My current major is Social Work and I hope to pursue my dream of becoming a social worker. I love spending time with my family and listening to music. I love the fact that I am neighbors with my grandma because she makes delicious food.Throughout my high school years, my life consisted of playing sports such as volleyball,basketball, and soccer, therefore these past few months have felt way different not attending practices or games. Coming to college was a big change for me due to the fact that I now have to drive to school. As time goes by, I hope to adapt to this change and hopefully become more independent.
The topic that caught my attention is the topic of abortion and even adoption. I really don’t know what ways I want to go about with this topic, but it has always caught my attention and I’ve always wondered about it. Here are two articles I’ve found.

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